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Rent Boats Necomar is a young company born from passion for the sea and navigation, which for more than seven years has provided a dedicated service for the needs of our customers.

The success of those early years has allowed us to expand our fleet, while at all times continuing to provide class, comfort, simplicity and - above all things else - the safety expected from such a service. Indeed all our boats equipped with modern systems for safe and fun navigation.


Our business is aimed at meeting the needs of our clients through personalised attention, while at all times bringing forward the extensive knowledge we have gained for what people seek, need and expect from a trip or holiday at sea.


Our staff will teach you everything you need to learn to make the most out of your trip, and we will facilitate your stay, as much as possible, so that it will meet 100% to your expectations. Our aim is to provide a vacation of relaxation and fun in the city of Fuengirola.

We offer a varied range of boats depending on your nautical licence, and your need for a captain.


This allows us to present our clients with a range of prices and a multitude of extras, which we will happily customise to individual needs.


You can get further information here.

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